Wordpress Malware Removal Tips and Techniques

Learn how to keep your Wordpress website secure

Tips to prevent WordPress Hacking

Ok you you have your brand new shiny website. Now you have to make sure you do several things so you don’t get hacked. First and foremost you have to do your updates. You will be so surprised how many updates there are even if you check one per week. You want to update the WordPress version, themes, and plugins as much as you can. I login and check almost every day. The updates that come out are usually security updates. So its very important to do your updates and that will save most people. Next you want to have a very strong password. I suggest using a website like PasswordGenerator.net. They will help you make a very secure password that you keep you safe. Don’t use easy passwords or especially ones that are words from the dictionary. Hackers have lists with millions of common passwords and dictionary words. Pick something that is hard for you to remember and just save it somewhere. So to recap keeping your site updated and choosing a strong password will prevent 99.9 percent of hackers from entering your website.