Wordpress Malware Removal Tips and Techniques

Learn how to keep your Wordpress website secure

Website Malware Removal Service Cleans Hacked Sites

Website Malware Removal has worked with hundreds of customers directly to find solutions to their hacked websites. Malware is no joke; it can ruin a site if not addressed in a reasonable amount of time. Many of our customers own e-commerce websites and derive their income from their sites. Therefore, their website must work efficiently. Customers are easily scared away if they go to a site to place an order and they see unfamiliar links and pics that have nothing to do with their product or service marketed on the site. These links are nothing more than outbound links that hackers put on business sites to get search engine ranking or exposure in the form of backlinks.

Our website removal service is a great resource to contact with questions and to find out if your site has with malware. Once your website has been checked and cleaned of all malicious content, you can take steps to protect your site from future hacks.  One of the most important things you can do to prevent hacks is as simple as updating your WordPress site. These security patches close the portals that hackers use to get into your site. Many of our customers are too busy to update their site every month, so they contact us and use our monthly service to update your site on a continuous basis by a member of our professional team. If you do not have the time or expertise, please call us or contact us at sales@websitemalwareremoval.net or visit our Facebook page.

The next step to safeguarding your site is to change passwords often; this will make it hard for automated programs that hackers use to extract your passwords and sensitive information. Do some research on password managers so you can organize and remember all your passwords. The final step is to take a look at your hosting provider. Since time is critical for you to fix the site before more problems arise, we always suggest you use a hosting provider that offers some site monitoring for websites you have on the hosting account. Therefore if malware is present, you get an immediate notification that your site is at risk. Their quick notification will enable you to take action and call this professional malware removal service, https://www.WebsiteMalwareRemoval.net.